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Marketing agency Mediaspark

Mediaspark on pieni ja tehokas täyden palvelun markkinointitoimisto, jonka kautta voit hankkia juuri sinun tarpeisiisi sopivat palvelut. Suunnittelemme ja toteutamme verkkosivut yritykselle laadukasta optimointia unohtamatta ja tuotamme tavoitteellisen sisällön haluamiisi kanaviin. Laadimme kokonaisvaltaisen markkinointisuunnitelman kampanjoineen ja toteutamme sen halutessasi myös graafisen suunnittelun kera. Meillä on valmius myös kehittää yrityksesi työnantajamielikuvaa muun muassa toimivan rekrytointiprosessin kautta. Teemme markkinointia sekä yrityksille että yksityishenkilöille!


Advertisement and analytics

Advertising is one of the most effective aspects of marketing and it is a good idea to invest in quality material and well-targeted content. We design campaigns for your business on both social media and Google, and we research and analyze the results using versatile analytics.

Recruitment marketing and employer image

Do you want to improve your company's employer image through effective recruitment marketing? We design a recruitment process that can improve the image of the employer and engage employees.

Graphic design

Should your company's brand identity be updated for more selling version? From us you will always get a new, modern look for your company according to your needs. We also design campaigns and ads to suit your brand!

Content creation

The content your company produces - on any channel, is a big part of your company’s brand image, and that’s why we take it seriously. We carry out various types of content including bigger or smaller projects.

Websites and online shops

Is it time to modernize your website or ecommerce store? Appealing websites bring potential customers to you and help you maximize your visibility and sales online.

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How do we work?

We plan

We design a marketing package that meets the needs and wishes of your company and we support you through the process of bettering the section of marketing you're hoping to improve.

We impliment

We always carry out marketing and advertising assignments conscientiously and with high quality. Mediaspark is your choice when you are looking for expert help to increase your company's visibility and brand for a competitive price.

We make a profit

We maximize your company's sales revenue through interesting and differentiated marketing - both digitally and in print. We understand the external and internal factors that affect sales.

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