Advertisement and analytics

We execute planned campaigns and advertisements for your company through analytics, tracking the results!

The main task of our marketing agency is to increase the sales of your company through effective marketing and advertising. We implement it with a diverse range of services, marketing specialists and transparent results. We make marketing plans, design advertising campaigns on both social media and Google, and test results with comprehensive analytics. 

Our services include:

Marketing plans

We design complete marketing campaigns for both small and large companies on the B2C and B2B sides. We carefully examine your company's industry and competitors, and we create a potential customer profile to help you design the content, layout, and format of your ad. In the plan, we also choose the most suitable marketing channels, budget and schedule for marketing for your company.

Social media advertising

If you want to reach new target groups or find potential customers who have previously visited your website, Mediaspark will help you. We implement social media advertising with precise targeting and reach exactly the audiences you’ve been looking for. Through us, you get ready-made promotional images, promotional videos and texts, and by advertising we bring your company effective visibility in social media! All prices include money spent on marketing.

Google advertising

Google is the most popular search engine and that is why in most cases most of the customers gained through advertising come through Google. So it’s important that your business’s Google advertising is on point and up to date. The main tool of Google advertising is Google Ads Keyword advertising. We're researching the best keywords to get your business in the top search box on Google, improving your search engine visibility.


Through us, you get the concretely achieved result collected from each click, i.e. analytics. We study conversion, i.e. customer engagement and where advertising works the best and what are the possible reasons for it. With the help of analytics, we are able to develop both marketing and websites!

Let us take responsibility for advertising your business and tracking and analyzing results!

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