Recruitment marketing

We improve your company's employer image through effective recruitment marketing!

Employee and applicant experience as well as the image of the employer are very important aspects of marketing today. Managing employee experience is implementing a strategy and delivering on the promises made as an employer. At the heart of the applicant experience are job seekers and the recruitment process itself. The goal is to make a successful and meaningful recruitment process, through which the image of the employer can be improved and thereby also the commitment of existing employees. All this strengthens the image of the company and increases its productivity. 

We design and implement:

The best marketing channels

We choose the right marketing channels for your situation, through which we reach the target groups that are important to you.

Content that supports your brand

We produce planned and targeted content for selected channels and design attractive job postings for your needs.

Applicant dialog

Our partner takes care of the applicant dialogue throughout the recruitment process. Candidates who were not selected will also be considered and we will improve the image of the employer.

Do you want to improve your employer image with effective recruitment marketing?

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