Graphic design

We create the visual design of your company supporting the brand image!

One of the most essential parts in building a company’s brand is an interesting and time-lasting look. A well-implemented brand increases the credibility, attractiveness and productivity of your company. Building a corporate image is done visually with various elements such as a logo / emblem, colors and images. All of these parts need to be tied together well, resulting in a strong image of your business to potential customers. Get in touch and together we will design an effective identity for your company! 

Our services include:


We design a timeless and modern logo with colors for your company. You will always get the logo from us also without a background, making it easy to add to different bases.

Colours and fonts

Through us, you get color palettes and fonts to support your company's brand. It is good to have fonts and colors that match together, and it is good to use these same identification colors and fonts on websites as well as in advertisements and social media.

Website design and pictures

We design the look of your website to be visually functional.


We create compelling and interesting ads that match your business look to support your marketing. You always get an ad designed by us in three different image sizes, so it scales perfectly to different channels.

Brochures and posters

We will help you tell about your event or company in the form of brochures and posters. If you wish, we also design business cards for your business.

Design and implementation of presentation materials

We design and implement presentation materials (PowerPoint, Prezi, Canva) representative of your business according to your needs.

Do you want expert and creative help to create or improve the look of your business?

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